Built with Intent

Our Mission: Creating Real-time, Relevant Web Experiences

When we founded Vertical Search Works we were intent on – “Creating Meaningful Web Experiences” – today, that’s still what drives our business. We use our patented semantic technology to build what we call, the “Relevance Graph”, this serves as the foundation for everything we build. Our Relevance Graph fuses together intelligence and relevance in order to understand the information you want; providing a faster, more accurate and easier way to discover content on the web. For example, in just milliseconds we can understand if you meant “Java” the coffee, the programming language or the island in Indonesia and provide you with access to the information.

The Relevance Graph is part of all of our products and supports our goal of delivering more meaningful and valuable web experiences for advertisers, publishers, content creators and consumers across targeted vertical industries.

In short, we strive to create better connections between words and their meanings in order to provide more relevant online and mobile experiences. Request a Demo

Verticals Industries Include:

Vertical Content Network (VCN)

Our Mission

Vertical Search Works’ (VSW) mission is to provide more valuable, more accurate search and ad targeting to people seeking information, knowledge, products and/or services within their area of interest. To do so, VSW creates and leverages proprietary semantic search technology which understands user intent better than traditional keyword-based search so that users, publishers, and marketers get better results.

Our History

Vertical Search Works was formed from the February 2010 merger of Convera Corporation, a leading developer of search technology for the U.S. intelligence community, and Firstlight ERA, a leader in advertising sales technology. VSW is headquartered in New York.